Beano male Pointer 5 yrs old

Beano is a very special young male Pointer, 5yrs old.

Beano was found in a village near Toledo incredibly emaciated and with horrible wounds and injuries all over his body. His microchip had been removed and the wound was held together with staples from an office stapler. Sometimes when we see a dog like this, it just seems beyond belief.

We appealed for funds and you provided money to get him off the street, into the caring AELA shelter and for proper vet care. Thank you so much. Even having gone through the horrors he must have endured, Beano is a wonderful, affectionate dog.

Beano is a very active, strong and athletic pointer, he is very obsessed with food, which is normal because of the state in which he was rescued, he shares a kennel with Juno at the moment, she is a young female Brittany and they get along wonderfully. Beano is biddable and very affectionate with people. He gets along very well with children, he loves to run and play with them. He has been cat tested and the video is attached.

Beano would probably do best in a home with another friendly dog.

Date of birth 15/05/2015

As with all our dogs, Beano has been tested for Mediterranean diseases but he is from an endemic area and should be monitored for leish. Read more here.

Beano & Child
Beano & cat
Beano & Juno
Beano & Child
Beano & Child
Beano & Cat

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