English Setter, DOB 10.06.22

UPDATE: Bartolito is currently in foster in County Durham. He’s living with resident dogs and doing super well. He’s the perfect pup, very intelligent and bright, very eager to learn. He’s affectionate too, a little sweetheart who is very happy to cuddle up. As you’d expect for his age, he has bundles of energy and is keen to get in on all the action! He’s a confident little pup who’s looking for somebody who can carry on his socialisation and training, he’ll make an amazing little chap.

He’s living with other dogs at the moment so a home with resident dogs would be ideal and he also lived with a cat in Spain so we wouldn’t rule out homes with dog savvy cats.

He has gained muscle as he has grown and is a healthy little boy. His legs are much stronger and his chest is looking great too. His foster home are being very careful to make sure he doesn’t do anything he shouldn’t but we expect he will live a normal life just like any other dog

HISTORY: Bartolito is a special little pup, DOB 10.06.22

Bartolito is a setter who was born with swimmer’s syndrome, a rare deformity causing his legs to go to the sides due to weak muscles, leaving puppies to lie flat on their chests which has also flattened Bartolito’s chest somewhat.

He was born from a mating a hunter paid a lot of money for, from two high pedigree dogs, resulting in what the hunter was hoping to be a high performing litter, but of course, he wanted rid of Bartolito so he made his way into dafe hands. He went into foster with a vet to really help him and he’s since moved to a different foster home in Spain now he’s a lot stronger. With good nutrition and exercise, as well as some exercises for his chest, Bartolito is practically a normal puppy and is doing very well. He’s a wonderful boy, sociable with dogs and cats in his foster home, playful and funny and very affectionate

Bartolito is looking for a special home who will help build his strength up in the right way and understands that he may have long lasting effects through his life even though he’s doing extremely well. Thought may need to go into home adaptations to help him thrive throughout his life and he may also need different exercise requirements

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