Male Hound 2 Years Old

Balin is a spectacular hound, he is a 2 year old male Sabueso Azul de Gascuña, otherwise known as a Grand Bleu de Gascogne. Date of birth tbc.

Balin was handed in by his hunter, sadly another excess dog no longer wanted. He comes from the hunter that previously handed in griffon Troy.  

Balin is a dog with a lot of energy, he is very active and very sociable with other dogs, male and female. Balin is sometimes anxious around his food and needs to eat separately, no doubt he has known times when food was scarce.

Balin adores human company, he is very affectionate and friendly, he just loves to be with people.

The Grand Bleu de Gascogne is a scent hound, originating in France and they are used in Spain to hunt game like wild boar. They make wonderful pets but can of course be prey driven and recall can be very challenging.

Please note, this dog is also advertised with Spanish Griffon Rescue, a charity we work closely with. You can apply through us or through them

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