English Setter, 8 Years Old

Astra is a beautiful tricolour 8 year old English Setter, just approaching her ninth birthday, date of birth 03/05/2013.

Astra is a very lovely setter, she was handed into the shelter by her hunter owner because he no longer wanted her, she had damaged her leg and was no longer useful to him . When she arrived at the shelter the poor girl could not support weight on the leg, she will see a specialist vet and be treated in Spain before travelling to UK.

Astra is a very energetic dog for her age, she is very sociable with other dogs, she enjoys their company but she seems to like to be the one in charge, at the moment she shares her kennel with the griffon Xavi who is a calm and respectful dog.

Astra is very affectionate with people, she is always looking for cuddles and caresses.


Astra & Rocky

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