English Setter, 3 Years Old

Asa is a 3 year old English Setter, DOB 25.05.2020

Asa is a wonderful young English setter. He’s an absolute star and is going to make a fantastic addition to the right family

He is very sociable with dogs and shows no fear towards people, even taking strangers in his stride and showing them affection and he also likes children! He walks well on his lead at the moment but this could change in time as things are all very new to him at the moment. He’s a very happy and affectionate boy and the lovely ladies looking after him describe him as noble.

We think he would do well in either a house with a resident dog or on his own as he seems very adaptable and independent. He is cat tested and ignores them in that environment so with careful intros, he could also be adopted to a family with a cat.

Asa was originally sold by his breeder to a hunter but he was returned when he didn’t cut the mustard and so the breeder abandoned him. Hopefully his luck will soon change and he can find a wonderful home