Arlo 1 yr old male Brittany

This beautiful young male Brittany is available in uk foster, as his initial adoption did not work because of unrelated circumstances (absolutely no fault of his own). He is being fostered by his initial adopter until a new home is found and he is living happily with another male Brittany and a dog savvy cat. He has been in the uk for nearly a month and is in Oxfordshire.

INFO FROM FIRST ADOPTER (which is also his current foster home)..

Arlo is an absolutely lovely Brittany, just over a year old but still with a lovely puppyish demeanour.  He is a very affectionate dog who wants to be with his humans as much as possible (preferably on their lap!).  At the moment, he sleeps downstairs with another dog and (when she deigns to join them) a cat but I’m sure he would love nothing more than to be upstairs with his humans (preferably in the bed with them!).  He’s interested in the cat in a friendly way and could live with a dog-savvy cat.

He’s friendly with other dogs, very interested in saying hello and, once he gets to know them a bit, very happy to play around.  He’s shown no signs of aggression to any other dog, even those who have barked or growled at him.  In fact, he hasn’t shown any signs of aggression or even mild bad temper at all, happily submitting to being hosed off after rolling in something disgusting, towelled off after walks, lifted into the car etc.

He is VERY food oriented which is great for training although he will counter-surf if given the opportunity.  He doesn’t food guard and is fed with another dog happily.  He’s already learned to sit and wait for his dinner and most of the time, to ‘wait’ while out.  He’s keen to learn and I think would really benefit from more training.  His recall is fantastic for such a young dog only arrived a month ago.  He comes back 9 times out of 10 to the whistle though he does tend to get distracted en route so some high value treats are very useful to have on hand.  He’s learned ‘come’ and ‘this way’ very quickly. (NB as he gains confidence this initial recall will probably reduce and a new adopter should assume he needs training from scratch, like any young Brittany he will be active and love to follow his nose particularly around birds, rabbits etc)

In the house he is mostly very calm (unless he’s roughhousing with the other dog).  He does have a tendency to pee in the house if you don’t catch him asking to go out (which he does by wandering around rather than going to the door).  He drinks a lot and consequently pees a lot but he does go all night without needing to go out.

He loves toys, especially those he can shred, he’s figured out the Kong and loves a big bone to chew on.  Woe betide any cardboard or paper left unattended though as that will be destroyed without mercy, as will candles and remote controls left within reach.  He’s been left with another dog for a short period with no accidents.

He is fine in the car, happily stays in the boot (though he won’t jump in by himself yet!) with no barking, whining or salivating, he’s learned to wait until given permission to jump out.  He’s done a 2 hour journey with no issues.

He’s currently homed with another male brittany and follows him around like a little brother so he would love a home with a friendly resident dog.

Lead walking needs some work as he’s distracted by literally everything, especially birds.  He will chase them if given the chance.  A good harness will definitely help, as will some specific training, he’s very strong for a seemingly small(ish) dog.

Overall, Arlo is a really handsome, affectionate, loving boy who wants nothing more than to sit in your lap, do a big sigh and go to sleep after a long muddy walk.

INFO FROM SHELTER…Arlo is a really handsome young male Brittany.

Arlo was initially quite scared when he arrived at the shelter, but he is gaining confidence quickly. He has no problems with dogs, male or female, he gets along well and is a very sweet dog.

He is timid with people initially but then very affectionate.

He is a tall handsome Brittany. This young dog will make a wonderful active and loving companion.

Date of birth: 29/09/2019.


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