English Setter Puppy

This little guy is Ares, DOB 01/07/20

Ares was born to breeder in the north of Spain. They said his left eye hasn’t developed properly and he has no vision in it. Nobody wanted to buy him so he was handed into the shelter.

Don’t be fooled though, having no sight in one eye does not slow Ares down! Dogs with limited or no vision cope miraculously well and since he has full sight in his other eye, he’s a typical pup. He loves to run, jump and play and he’s very funny and makes everyone smile.

He would love another dog in the house as a playmate. We are also looking for a home without young children. It’s hard for us to tell when dog’s are in shelters but due to his limited sight, he could be easier startled than other puppies so young children could be hard for him.

He’s looking for a kind adopter who will take the extra steps to keep Ares safe while exercising him but also not hold him back due to his vision. Teaching extra commands like “careful” can be really helpful in order to let dogs like Ares off their lead, living life to the full, but also keep them safe

UPDATE: The vet in Spain tells us there’s no way of knowing whether he was born with eye problems or whether they were caused by trauma. His eye is atrophying and he does not see out of it at all. In the past, she’s seen some dogs like this who have never had a problem and others have had problems like recurrent eye infections and eventually needed the eye removed. It’s important to note, Ares’ eye will not be covered by standard pet insurance (unless a policy including existing conditions is taken out) and he may need more expensive treatment in the future.

Ares & Friends
Ares & Friends
Ares & Friends