How does your application process work? 

Our application process is an application form, followed by a video interview and home check. You must fill out an application form to be considered to adopt a dog. We will not consider comments made on Facebook for offers of homes 

Why haven’t I heard back from my application yet? 

Sadly we just have too many applications to reply to everyone now. We wish this wasn’t the case as we know how frustrating it can be trying to adopt a dog and not hearing back but we have to spend our time wisely to help as many dogs as possible. We have more applications than we do dogs and currently approximately 10% of applications go through to adoption. Sometimes our emails end up in junk mail so please check there too 

Have you got any tips to help me get chosen for a dog? 

Sure, whilst we can’t always get back to everyone personally, there are some common themes with applications that aren’t successful:

  • The dog you have applied for is extremely popular, like most of our dogs. Puppies, young dogs and females have a high level of applications and we have to pick the strongest application for each dog. If you’d really like to help a dog and feel you can offer a good home, consider applying for an overlooked dog such as an elderly pointer or a middle aged male 
  • Your circumstances do not meet our dog’s requirements. This is not a reflection on your ability to care for a dog but may mean you are not a good match for the dog you applied for. This may be because they need a resident dog, a secure garden, a quieter household or environment, an experienced adopter, amongst other reasons. 
  • Your application form is not detailed enough. We receive hundreds of applications and have to make a judgement on which to take forward to the next stage based on your answers so we recommend filling it out with as much detail as possible, much like a job application 

Can I apply for another dog? Do I need to fill out a form each time? 

Yes you can apply for another dog by dropping us an email at as long as you have filled in an application this year already. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit for the dog you applied for and we don’t have a dog that might be the right for for you at the time. We recommend reading the profiles thoroughly and checking the websites for updates and which are available or have interviews pending/are reserved. If you have applied for multiple dogs and we have not contacted you, the chances are we feel you aren’t a good match for the type of dogs we help or we have stronger applications and you may be better adopting elsewhere 

I’ve applied before and not heard anything but you are advertising new dogs, why?

We rarely have time to go over past applications to see if they are suitable for a new dog if they have been unsuccessful previously. We try to contact strong applications to let them know that they will be considered for another dog but we don’t always manage to. If you would like to be considered for another dog, you must let us know via email. Facebook comments can be easily missed. We will always advertise new dogs to give each dog the best chance of finding the best home possible for them. If we did not do this, we wouldn’t be doing them justice. Equally we might post dogs we have already posted before if there has been an update to their profile or we feel that the applications we have aren’t the right fit for that dog. 

Any other tips? 

When you apply to adopt, it helps if you can at least put a breed so we know which of the team should handle your application. Take time to learn about the breeds if you don’t have experience and make your application reflect this. 

We get hundreds of applications and the most effective way of us handling them is often to filter by dog name. If you have not put a name, breed, or have spelt the name wrong, you may get missed if we are really busy. 

Be kind and be patient. We are all volunteers and we have all been adopters too. We know how frustrating it is when you want to adopt a dog and it feels like it’s never going to happen. None of us realised what it was like to be on this side before we were either. Dogs need kindness, patience and determination and we can often see which adopters have these qualities and which perhaps don’t in the way they communicate and interact with us.