English Setter, 3 Years Old

Anival is an extremely handsome 3 year old male English Setter, date of birth 01/06/2018.

Anival is a gorgeous young setter, with an amazing coat. He gets on well with male and female dogs and he is affectionate and obedient with people (within the confines of the shelter). Anival is very active and playful, he is sometimes a little timid with new places.

Anival was handed in by his hunter because after a lot of exercise he had a bad epileptic attack. Since being at the shelter this has been investigated by the vets, ultra sound and CAT scans show nothing wrong, which is great news, he clearly has epilepsy but attacks are not frequently enough to require medication at the moment. Anival will need a loving home that will care for him with his condition long term.

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