English Setter, 1 Years Old

UPDATE: Althea is travelling to a UK foster home in Cambridgeshire on 11th Feb. She’s a shy girl who needs a resident dog to help her confidence. She’s absolutely beautiful and a total sweetie

Althea is a 1 year old English setter, DOB 18.07.20

Althea is a small girl, rescued from a pound in Cantabria. She is sweet and affectionate. She’s very attached to people but also gets on well with other dogs in the shelter. She shares her run with Milo and Evo and gets on with them great

When Althea arrived at the shelter, they noticed she tired faster than the other dogs when playing so they took her to the vets and they did an x-ray and found that she had previously had a chest infection that hadn’t been properly treated so she’s now being treated so that she’s well enough to travel once she finds a home an can run to her hearts content soon!

Althea & Friends

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