Female Brittany cross pups 4 months old

Alice and Bella are Brittany cross pups. Date of birth 05/03/2021.

Alice and Bella are Brittany cross puppies. In the photos they are about nine weeks old and are just 2.7kg, so they will be small for a Brittany. They will travel to the Uk in July at four months old when they will be a lot bigger (maybe around 75% full height).

These puppies may be small, but they make up for that in character, they are really active, wonderfully confident, hard playing and both quite bossy, the shelter describe them as young warriors with a brutal energy levels, definitely not wall flowers and ready for a life full of fun and adventure.

The pups are the unwanted excess of a hunter who regularly breeds more britttany type dogs than he wants, sadly we have picked up several unwanted pups from this hunter, some of you may remember them.. Kinder, Billy, Maya, Jill, Bosley and Kelly. These pups have been wonderful active, intelligent small/medium size dogs, most of them love to play ball and would make great agility or flyball dogs, we feel Alice and Bella will be very similar.

We are looking for active homes who can cope with full on puppies and adopters that want lively, intelligent dogs (no cats unless they are really big and tough).

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