English Pointer, 1 Year Old

Alfred is a gorgeous young Pointer, he is one year old, just approaching his second brithday, date of birth 15.06.2020.

Alfred is a wonderful young Pointer, he was sadly the unwanted excess of a hunter, handed in with his kennel mate Luisin the setter.

Alfred is initially quite shy with people and relies on the companionship of other dogs to boost his confidence. He is very friendly when he plucks up the courage to say hello. He is an absolutely gorgeous boy and will blossom in a quiet house with a friendly dog. If you have no dog then a double adoption of Alfred and Luisin could also work well.

Alfred loves other dogs, both male and female, he mixes very well at the shelter. He is very obdeient withion the confines of the shelter, although of course like all our dogs, his recall would dissappear on an exciting walk with good scents.

Alfred & Luisin
Alfred & Luisin

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