Hound Mix, 8 Years Old

Albin is an 8 year old hound mix, DOB 25.07.15

Albin is a beautiful boy of medium size, the father of Astrid and Hipo. The 3 dogs were seized by the police from a house of criminals and have been waiting in the shelter for 3 years now looking for a home.

Albin is a very calm dog who loves being at home. He lives inside the house at the shelter and loves snoozing on the sofa and gets on really well with the other dogs in the house, as well as doing well with children. He loves to find a sunny spot outside to sunbathe and takes himself outside to go to the toilet but otherwise he’s very happy relaxing inside. He loves his routine and knows when it’s walk time or food time! He isn’t as active as some of the dogs we help and although he lives with other dogs, he doesn’t show dependance on them so we think he could live with or without another dog in the house.

He has been cat tested and ignores them but careful introductions should be done in a home with cats. He adores children and is very good with them but small children that are unpredictable and perhaps noisy and make sudden movements are still a little scary for him so a home with older children who are used to animals would be best for Albin. He is still slightly scared of things like traffic on roads as he’s not used to going on walks but in time, he will gain confidence around these things as he has with everything else.

He is a very affectionate and noble dog. Once he knows you, he is the most affectionate and faithful dog in the world. He is happy to travel in the car and, at the moment, walks well on his lead when he goes for walks.