We adopted Winnie in April 2018 and haven’t had any regrets. I had reservations about adopting a dog from another country that I had never met so thought long and hard before proceeding. I also had concerns over the adoption process which actually turned out to be incredibly straightforward, uncomplicated and well-organised. I filled in the application form and quickly had a reply that subject to a home check I was suitable and this is how it continued. Once the formalities were out of the way I was kept informed of progress and a date was set. Even the transportation itself went smoothly, all the adoptees had regular updates and timescales with a few photos thrown in.

Winnie attached to me immediately and very strongly, I was practically wearing her as a coat. I followed the advice given to leave her for short periods from day 1 to help minimise separation anxiety, I’m sure this has helped as well as already having another resident dog. She was a happy obliging little dog keen to please but a little reserved, a bit too quiet so well-behaved I couldn’t believe my good luck. Although not that interested in other dogs when in kennels she seemed to like our other dog but she really loves people! She didn’t seem to understand any Spanish so changing her name and learning new words and commands hasn’t been a problem, she’s a bright girl and a quick learner.

We had her for about 3 months when her personality really started to emerge, she is a funny, quirky, super affectionate, happy girl that has a huge zest for life. She embraces everything and anything I throw at her, it’s all great fun. She spent about 3 weeks plucking up the courage to play with her big brother, now a day doesn’t go by without her chasing him, leaping on him, pretending to bite his face off and on New Year’s Day another first when on a group walk she suddenly started to chase around with the other dogs.

It has been such a rewarding experience, I feel privileged and proud to watch her blossom and flourish yes her recall is challenging but that has been the only difficulty otherwise she has just slotted perfectly into our lives. I will never cease to be amazed how willing these dogs are to place such faith and trust in us after the lives they have had.