Tilo male 8 year-old English Setter

In UK Foster

Tilo is looking for a very special family. After 6 owners, Tilo ended up being abandoned in a pound. When he arrived at the shelter, they found 3 mast cell tumours which needed to be removed. Thankfully, the surgeon managed to remove them completely and he has been given the all clear without needing chemo. 

He is a very good, obedient dog. He is quite calm for his breed and the the shelter say he seems to wait by your side ready for orders. When he is not doing that, he leans on you waiting for a fuss, he’s very affectionate. 

He does have his more active moments of course – he is a setter after all! However he’s not very interested in playing with his kennel mates, Jara and Ron, who are both quite active. He is compatible with male and female dogs, cats and children