Rehoming Costs and Process

Rehoming costs per dog are £395 which include a microchip, passport, vaccinations, parasite treatment, tests for Southern European diseases, neutering and transport to the UK.

The process for rehoming is simple.

  1. Download an adoption form and fill it in
  2. Email the completed form to us at
  3. We will contact you for an informal discussion
  4. One of our team of volunteer home-checkers will arrange to come and visit you
  5. They will pass back feedback to us and we will then contact you to advise if your chosen dog has been reserved
  6. We will advise you of proposed dates for the arrival of your dog, how to prepare for them etc.,
  7. We need payment of the adoption fee’s before the dog leaves Spain
  8. On the day of collection you will be able to track the location of the van, and by liaising with Nick (who drives the van), you will know where and at what time you can collect your new dog!

We keep the process very informal – the questions we ask and checks we do are to ensure that you are a good fit for the dog you want to rehome. Sometimes people want to adopt a dog who may have behavioural issues or rather too much energy for their lifestyle. In these cases, we will advise you if we have other dogs which may be more suitable.

If things don’t work out – sometimes this happens and it is no-one’s fault – then we will work with you to find a new home for your dog.