Brittany, 2 Years Old

This lovely boy is Zipi, an unwanted Brittany, rejected by his hunter owner for not hunting we’re told. He was rescued by a kind single Mum with a 5-year old child who had psychological problems and whose peadiatrician had recommended would do well with a dog. Neither the Mum nor the child were prepared for a lively, bouncy gundog though and took him to a disused house and left him there all alone, just going to feed him once a day and then they complained that he jumped all over them and covered them with kisses. Absolutely not the right adopters for a lively young Brittany. So Josefina has offered to have him in her shelter and he is utterly delighted to be there. He’s had such a rotten life that a shelter seems like a great place for him. He wants to play with all the other dogs and befriend all the humans.

A lovely thing that has happened to Zipi is that he was spared having his tail docked so he is one of the very few Brittanys to have a lovely long feathered tail just like a setter.

Please see the video at the end of the album to get an idea of how lovely this boy is