English Setter, 5 Years Old

UPDATE: Turko, now called Roscoe, is currently in foster in Cornwall. Here’s what his foster mum has to say about him:

Roscoe arrived in foster with us at the end of April and is a joy to have around. He’s a loveable clumsy goofball and always happy to see you and loves coming to you for a fuss and a big cuddle.

He loves people and other dogs and is comfortable around our two dogs. He plays really nicely with one of them, while the other of our dogs prefers her own space in the house but she has a good run with him outside. We also have two rabbits who live in a shed in the garden who Roscoe has taken no notice of.

In the short time he’s been with us he’s done amazingly well at learning to live in a house, although he is still learning. We have had no toileting issues with him and he’s had no accidents in the house. At first he struggled to settle slightly and walked around the house trying to find the right spot but now he will happily relax on the floor or on the sofa. He is always more than happy to come for a cuddle and relax into you. He hasn’t learnt what a dog bed is yet but I’m sure he will in time. He has been sleeping through the night, at first waking up once for the toilet but now he sleeps straight through. He’s been left home alone with my dogs for a couple of hours with no issues and left in the kitchen with my other dogs while we have worked upstairs and hasn’t made a peep.

His recall will need work but he isn’t as prey driven as a typical working setter, although he still likes to look at birds of course. Off lead in an enclosed field he’s still focused on human affection and will happily take treats on walks. In the right hands his recall shows promise. Lead walking is also quite good for a working setter, he walks slightly ahead of you sniffing with his tail wagging. Recall and lead walking may become more challenging as he finds his feet and settles a bit more. He loves meeting other dogs on walks and will happily play with anyone who offers! He also loves swimming and splashing about in the water and is a real water baby. He’s been out running on a canicross harness and has taken to it like a natural.

He eats well without being greedy and eats and takes treats alongside my other dogs happily.

He really is a wonderful, friendly and beautiful boy who I can’t fault in any way. He will make a fantastic edition to any family. He is confident and ready to learn so could make a great agility, flyball or Canicross dog. He would do best in a family either with another resident dog or people around the majority of the day with access to friends or family dogs to play with.

He is not and will not be cat tested. Currently in foster in Penryn, Cornwall. However, foster family are happy to help with travel distance for the right family for him.

HISTORY: Turko is a 5 year old male English Setter born 25/02/17.

Turko is a very special boy, he was given up by a hunter as he was no longer wanted, however he has the most wonderful nature as well as good looks.

Turko is a very affectionate and submissive dog with people but without being distrustful or fearful.

Turko is very sociable with male and female dogs. He seems a balanced and very happy character and loves to run and play with the other dogs. He is always looking for people and comes for a fuss whenever called (although of course recall could be more challenging on an exciting walk).


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