English Setter, 1 Year Old

This lovely chap is Thor, who will be 1 years old in August

Thor was rescued by a homeless man from some travellers who were really mistreating him. The man who rescued him also couldn’t keep him but he alerted the shelter who were able to step in

He arrived with wounds on his nose and he was very scared, it’s obvious he’s had a tough time so far in life. He’s already improved a lot at the shelter though. He’s a happy boy, he has some fear but nothing compared to when he first arrived. He’s very sweet and well behaved there.

He is definitely interested in birds when he’s outside in the enclosed run. He’s sociable with male and female dogs and he absolutely loves to play. He’s sharing a run with other young dogs and they play non stop!

He would do great in a home with another dog but we also think he would be fine as an only dog with plenty of human company

Thor & Rubble