Brittany, 3 Years Old

Thor is a 3 year old brittany, born 01/04/16

Thor is a really affectionate and wonderful young Brittany who has been with Conchi at their shelter since September, but we had some sad news last week, he had a second seizure and the vet thinks he may have mild epilepsy. Because of this he has now been moved into a lovely foster home.

The foster family say he is a wonderful dog, they are just bowled over by him. When he arrived he was nervous and active for the first day, but has now settled down, he is so affectionate and loving, he is calm in the house and loves human company. She says he is best dog she has, absolutely wonderful, he lies next to her and goes to sleep, doesn’t destroy anything. He has a toy which he almost always has in his mouth and he plays with it throwing it up in the air but doesn’t chew it. He really is a very lovely dog…someone is going to gain a wonderful friend.

He can be a little bit growly with male dogs when he first meets them but then he is fine. Thor has only just been neutered, so this behaviour will almost certainly disappear within the next few months. He’s in foster with nine other dogs, male and female and he gets on fine with them. He does chase cats.

He was abandoned by his hunter because he wasn’t a good worker. He’s a very affectionate boy, absolutely adores humans and is constantly trying to get people’s attention. 

He’s great with female dogs and most males too. He likes to be the boss with some males but with submissive dogs it works really well. He’s a lovely little thing.