Brittany, 9 Years Old

Stan is a handsome brittany. His passport says he is 6 years old but the shelter and his vet think he is more likely to be 9. 

This poor boy really needs some luck and a proper home. 

He was found by a boy about 18 months ago but he’s found his way to the shelter now in a rather sorry state.

When he first arrived, he would not eat. They gave him an ultrasound and also found out he was anaemic and his digestive tract was inflamed. On top of that, he also has hypothyroidism. He’s being treated for these things and is improving. He’s currently on a special food and is doing much better. 

As if that wasn’t enough, he also had internal parasites. He’s in the process of being treated for these at the minute and is already improving. 

And to top it all off, an x-ray showed he has some hip dysplasia on one of his hips. The poor thing has torn a ligament. He’s doing moderate exercise at the minute to build the strength back up in his leg and he’s improving all the time. 

He’s at a wonderful foster home who are helping to get him back to full strength so that he can find the home this poor boy finally deserves. He’s living with other dogs and cats and gets on with everybody. He’s very affectionate and just craves some attention after all these years. 

Now all Stan needs is to find a home to travel to once he’s better who can see past his rubbish background and offer him all the time, love and cuddles he deserves