Afgan Hound, 4 Years Old

We are looking for a sight hound savvy home for Olaf and Romeo, four year old male Afgan hounds (date of birth 07/03/29). A wonderful, handsome and unique pair of dogs who need an experienced adopter with a large secure garden and lots of time and patience.

Olaf and Romeo are a pair of Afgans, they are strikingly beautiful, very tall hounds, they are nearly four years old and have lived in kennels and their owner’s garden all their lives and had minimal care or attention. They arrived at the kennels in a dreadful state. Their coats were matted and they had obviously never been on a lead or taken for a walk.

Despiote their previous life, they both like to be with people and will follow you around and seek contact with you once they trust you. Olaf is more playful and Romeo is more affectionate, and can be a little jealous with cuddles.

Romeo’s coat was so matted be could hardly move and he had to be shaved. His coat is now growing back. The Afgan coat needs regular grooming and care.

Both Romeo and Olaf can guard their food, so they eat separately, but generally get on very well. They can both behave in a dominant way, barking or chasing unknown dogs and strangers, so the adopters must be experienced and preferably know the breed. Adult homes only.

The dogs are very big and imposing. Both dogs were quite defensive initially, but they are learning to trust their foster home and are doing very well. The foster home is gradually getting the dogs more used to being handled, it is slow progress but they are improving all the time and trusting her more.

A joint adoption will be prioritized but they could also be adopted separately.