Brittany cross 7 mnths old

Puppa is a beautiful young female Brittany cross, just seven months old, her date of birth is 14/02/22.

Puppa was born to a Brittany mum, an unplanned pregnancy and her dad is an unneutered mongrel that roams in the village. A Setter also had a litter of pups from the same dad, one of which was Pippa. These two cross bred puppies were not wanted and were going to be abandoned in the mountains but fortunately another hunter stepped in and brought them down to the shelter.

Puppa is a wonderful dog in her good looks and her character. She is very affectionate and attached to people, she is quite confident and curious, she is of course an active dog, she loves to play with the other dogs. She gets on well with male and female dogs and the shelter say she has a real Brittany character.