Small Male 4 Years Old

Piru is a gorgeous little dog, possibly the smallest we have helped. He is 4 years old, his date of birth is 20/10/2017 and he weighs just 5 kg. Piru is in foster in County Durham and he is living with three other dogs and is doing so well.

His foster mum says “Piru is a lovely little boy, he captures the hearts of everyone he meets. He loves his cuddles and he loves to play. He’s tiny so likely a chihuahua mix or similar.

“Piru didn’t have the best start in life but he’s proving that he can move on and be a very happy little dog, he has never shown any aggression at all. He loves cuddles and food (he needs to be fed separately as he won’t stand up for himself). His cheeky side is starting to come out, he’s currently running around with my bobble hat very pleased with himself. He enjoys his walks, he’ll happily trot along behind the other dogs but 45 mins is about his limit at the moment then he’ll stand and wait to be picked up. I have a dog carrier for him as even the smallest dogs get heavy after you carry them for a while, he feels safe snuggled in that and likes watching the world go by.  

“Piru has been to the secure field a few times, he’s happy enough in the car with the other dogs and thought exploring the field was amazing and he even did a little bit of agility (for treats!).  

“Piru loves the garden and chasing balls. He seems to have an old injury which slightly affects his coordination, he has to concentrate to keep a hold of the ball and he struggled with climbing and running at first but with a good diet and plenty of varied exercise this has really improved and he can run and jump with the others now. We think his differences make him all the more endearing.  

“Piru is looking for a home with at least one other dog as he likes to follow them and watch what they’re doing. Piru is very affectionate and would like a human to be around most of the time. He doesn’t tend to settle in his own bed although that may change in time, he sits and patiently waits to be lifted onto the sofa/bed. He would love some doggy steps so he can do this independently.  

“Piru has used the garden to go to the toilet from day one, he’ll go and wait by the door. He got stressed when the other person in the house went on holiday and had an accident on the carpet the first morning, this is completely understandable as he’s been through a lot of change in such a short period of time.  

“Piru was very loved by his rescuer in Spain but she lived in a city and sadly this was too much for Piru and he got very scared, he will thrive in a quieter environment without too many comings and goings, he doesn’t need a lot of exercise and a smaller secure garden (he is tiny) may be better than a larger one as he has been known to hide when he is scared.” 

Piru has a very sad story, originally he lived as a pet in an abusive home, which was an awful start in life. He found a foster home where there was another calm friendly dog and the relationship between the dogs was great. He was happy in quiet rural areas, but city streets and too many new people make him very scared. Piru has never bitten or even growled … he just hyperventilates and tries to find a safe place, he may hide or just freeze so he will need to be given his space and time. Piru is however a gorgeous little boy, he is gaining confidence all the time and his playful cheeky side is becoming more obvious. He would love a quiet rural home with a calm dog, and he will make someone a wonderful affectionate companion, he has so much love to give.

Piru & Friends

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