Sabueso, 1 Year Old

Oscar (originally called Romo), is a 1 year old Sabueso (DOB 23.09.20). He is currently in foster on the Isle of Wight but his foster family are very happy to travel to mainland to meet his new family.

Here’s what his foster mum has to say about Oscar

Oscar has had a tough start in life and hasn’t really had the chance to be a puppy which he is making up for now. He loves to play with our dog Ada, who has been very patient!, he can be a bit over excitable when playing and needs to watch his teeth. Oscar is great with our teenagers and is very affectionate and loves nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa. He hasn’t had any trouble making himself at home. Oscar is really good on the lead. He sniffs everything so it can take a long time to get anywhere, much to Ada’s annoyance. As Oscar had never seen the sea before he is very wary of getting his feet wet! but he scoffs seaweed like it’s the best thing ever. He is very good meeting other dogs and people. We have had him off the lead in a secure filed and his recall is pretty good, as long as you have plenty of treats. Food: Oscar can’t get enough. He was very skinny when we got him and he is making up for that. He is food driven which makes training easy, he has learnt to sit and nearly wait for his dinner. However… if you leave anything out he will eat it, including my sons burger the other night, a packet of dried rice, sausages and he can get in the food bin (which is now up out of his reach). He has trouble keeping his ears of his bowls. Oscar settles at night with the occasional woofing if there’s something in the garden. He does still have the occasional wee in the house but barks at the door to go out most of the time. We have left him for an hour or so with our other dog without any dramas. Oscar is a very energetic dog who needs someone active who can be around all the time. If homed with another dog they would need to be placid as he can be full on. He needs someone who can train him through his late puppy stage. I’m sure he will make someone a wonderful companion.

HISTORY: Oscar was unwanted by his hunter as a puppy, he said he was too clumsy to hunt, so him and his mum made their way to one of the lovely shelters we work with.

Oscar was adopted in Spain while his mum travelled to the UK. Sadly Oscar’s adopters have separated and, although he stayed with the lady, she worked long hours and she just can’t look after him and give him the home he deserves anymore

Oscar was born with shunt disease. His new family in Spain took him to a great veterinary hospital and he was operated on so he could live a happy and normal life. He’s a very sociable dog. He’s very affectionate and just adores having a fuss made of him. The girls at the shelter say he’s a ‘theatrical artist’, he certainly knows how to work a crowd! He’s a goofy pup with a very big heart

Oscar can also live with cats