Sabueso, 1 Year Old

Oscar (originally called Romo), is a 1 year old Sabueso (DOB 23.09.20)

Oscar was unwanted by his hunter as a puppy, he said he was too clumsy to hunt, so him and his mum made their way to one of the lovely shelters we work with.

Oscar was adopted in Spain while his mum travelled to the UK. Sadly Oscar’s adopters have separated and, although he stayed with the lady, she worked long hours and she just can’t look after him and give him the home he deserves anymore

Oscar was born with shunt disease. His new family in Spain took him to a great veterinary hospital and he was operated on so he could live a happy and normal life. He’s a very sociable dog. He’s very affectionate and just adores having a fuss made of him. The girls at the shelter say he’s a ‘theatrical artist’, he certainly knows how to work a crowd! He’s a goofy pup with a very big heart

Oscar can also live with cats