Sabueso, 2 Years Old

UPDATE: Oscar has had a rough ride since he arrived in the UK for foster. This lovely clown of a boy bounded into UK foster with a big grin on his face but we soon realised all wasn’t quite right as he was passing blood in his urine and continued to lose weight. After countless rounds of antibiotics, different tests and more vet visits than either us or his two amazing foster homes probably want to count, he’s had a particularly nasty bladder stone removed and things seem to be on the up for Oscar at last, just in time for his second birthday which he celebrated in style with a home made cake courtesy of his foster dad!

Oscar is currently living in the north of England in the Cleveland area with a wonderful family, resident dog and cats included! He’s a brilliant, cheerful boy who’s powered through all his medical issues while being spoilt rotten at home of course. He gets on really well with the resident dog and we’d really like him to find a home with another dog for company since he’s grown used to it. He loves to have a play in the garden, although he can be quite clumsy so a small dog might find him too much despite his lovely nature. He’s a really cheerful chap, happiest at mealtimes and adores his food! He’s currently on a low purine raw diet prepared by his own personal chef, his foster dad! He will need a carefully picked diet going forward to help with his shunt disease and his foster family have been really great tweaking his diet to help him as best as possible. Oscar loves his walks, led by his nose, and while he doesn’t go off lead everywhere, he gets to go to lovely secure fields for a good run round. Sadly Oscar also doesn’t have the best hips and has recently had some flare ups with his arthritis. He is currently being managed with medication and will remain on supplements and medication long term

Here’s what his foster mum has to say about him:

“He is good with other dogs loves our cats but will chase if they run. Would not harm them just thinks it’s a game. Good with children. Is a monkey around food and would definitely eat anything unattended. Walks beautifully on lead . Doing quite well off lead to the whistle but only where we are sure of his safety. Oscar does drool…. A lot …… He is very loving and always gives you a fabulous welcome if you have been out. If he can get upstairs and onto your bed he’s a very happy boy and would stay there all day. Can be left for a couple of hours without a problem. Impossible to bath 😂 had to invest in dry shampoo. Although he has a beautiful coat and doesn’t mind a brush. He is full on but gorgeous with it we love him loads”

Now this cheeky chap is on the mend, he’s looking for his forever home with a family who can see past the health issues he’s had and see the loveable Oscar who will always make them smile and give them a best friend for life!

Oscars adoption fee is £400

HISTORY: Oscar was unwanted by his hunter as a puppy, he said he was too clumsy to hunt, so him and his mum made their way to one of the lovely shelters we work with.

Oscar was adopted in Spain while his mum travelled to the UK. Sadly Oscar’s adopters have separated and, although he stayed with the lady, she worked long hours and she just can’t look after him and give him the home he deserves anymore

Oscar was born with shunt disease. His new family in Spain took him to a great veterinary hospital and he was operated on so he could live a happy and normal life. He’s a very sociable dog. He’s very affectionate and just adores having a fuss made of him. The girls at the shelter say he’s a ‘theatrical artist’, he certainly knows how to work a crowd! He’s a goofy pup with a very big heart

Oscar can also live with cats


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