Brittany – Setter 5 Years Old

Oliver is a male Setter – Brittany cross we believe, although his passport calls him an English Setter. He is a very handsome dog, just five years old, date of birth 08.05.17

Oliver was handed in by his hunter with the Setter Ospa as he had too many dogs and was getting rid of the excess. Poor Oliver arrived in an awful state, his coat was metted and he was quite scared of new of new people. He has however gained a lot of confidence in the shelter already, he is a dog with a cheerful character and lots of energy. Oliver shares kennel with Ospa with whom he gets along very well. He can be a little pushy with some male dogs, so a home with a female dog or submissive male would be ideal.

With people he knows, Oliver is very affectionate and he is obedient within the confines of the shelter, although this would no doubt change on an exciting walk. With new people and places Oliver would initially be a little nervous.

When Oliver and Ospa arrived, they were both in very poor condition and scared, Oliver had awful mats in his fur. He was immediately taken to the vet who carefully removed them and the dog that emerged looked as much Brittany as Setter as you can see in the photos above.

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