English Setter, 2 Year Old

UPDATE: Nina, originally Festa, is in foster in Somerset.

Nina is a beautiful girl and is doing very well with her foster family. She lives with a resident dog and the two get on well together, happily playing and sharing a cuddle!

She absolutely adores toys and is a very clever cookie! She also loves people. She’s learning manners since at the moment, she gets so excited to see people, she will jump up but she’s improving already. She can be a little fussy with food now she’s settled more but won’t say no if it’s got cheese or pate on to tempt her, she certainly has her foster family trained well!

Like you’d expect of a working rescue setter, her recall is going to take some time and she is currently on a long line unless she’s in a secure field. She loves her walks although can be a bit nervous around other dogs at the moment which will hopefully improve with time and training

HISTORY: Festa is a beautiful female 2 year old English Setter, date of birth 20/03/2020.

Festa is a gorgeous setter from Basque Country, she is a lovely dog with an extraordinary character, balanced and calm and very good with male and female dogs, she currently lives in kennel with two other setters, she enjoys their company and she along with them very well, sharing food without problems.

Festa is very affectionate with people and within the confines of the shelter she is obedient, always responding to the call, although her recall would be very different on an exciting walk with smells and distractions.

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