German Pointer, 7 Years Old

This is Marzo. His chances were very slim. He appeared hobbling around and with low-level Leshmaniasis in central Spain. People shooed him away and then one of the very few people who do care about the plight of animals was made aware of him. This amazing girl, Monica, who has helped so many dogs, has spent a fortune having his leg operated on, an op involving plaques and hundreds of screws and which has been a success and he’s now free to run as much as he likes. He’s also finished his course of Leishmaniasis treatment and will now just needs tests and maintenance treatment. One very lucky dog but who now needs a lovely home.

He’s timid when he first meets you but then very cuddly when he gets to know you and asks for loads of cuddles in true GSP style, he’s also great with kids. He is very sociable with other dogs, no problems there. He was in a foster home when recovering from his op and was very clean. He’s not in kennels while he waits for his home. He hasn’t been tested with cats

See videos of Marzo here