English Setter, 10 Months Old

Luna’s story is a sad one

She was handed in to one of the vet clinics which provide a collection service for all the unwanted dogs in some of the local villages and one of the lovely shelters we work with stepped in to help out

She arrived with a severe trauma to her right eye. It’s thought she has had a blow to the head by her hunter. She does not see anything from this eye now since she has a detached retina. The shelter have consulted with an ophthalmic vet who has recommended removing the eye, so she will be operated on soon

She is a lovely girl, very sweet, great with kids and full of life despite everything. She gets on well with other dogs and loves to play. She’s very attached to people so would love a home where people are around a lot. We think she could live as an only dog or with other dogs. For a setter of her age, she is quite calm and does not pull on her lead at the moment.

Dogs with impaired vision adapt amazingly well and go on to have very full and happy lives.

Luna’s cat test
Luna & cat
Luna on the beach