English Setter, 1 Year Old

Luna is a gorgeous young female English Setter, just one year old, her date of birth is 10/04/21.

Luna is a gorgeous young setter handed in with Manila and katy because she was not wanted by her hunter.

Luna is a very cheerful, loving and active dog. She is very energetic and loves to run and play with other young dogs.

Luna is extremely affectionate with people, she is so attached that at first she will not separate from you, continuously seeking strokes and cuddles and caresses. She always comes to you when called, although on an exciting walk this would be very different, she will need recall training and lead training like all our dogs.

Luna arrived at the shelter rather thin and she is still quite anxious over food, initially she should be fed separately but hopefully over time she will realise that food is no longer in short supply and she will relax around  food.

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