English Setters, 5 & 4 Years Old

UPDATE – the two dogs are looking for a home together again, their adoption hasn’t worked out since their owners are struggling . They are typical working setters, strong and with prey drive. They are currently in foster in Kendal and looking for their forever home

Negu (tricolour) and Lan (orange and white) aged 4 and 5, both male and brothers (from different litters but same parents), belonged to two separate hunters, also brothers, in the Basque country. We’re told that they decided they weren’t good enough at hunting a particular bird and Lan’s hunter was going to kill him as punishment, the other brother was a little kinder and decided to try to find a better solution. A girl living nearby found out and saved them. She says they are wonderful, loving, cuddly dogs who adore people. They’re in a shelter with other dogs and get on very well with other dogs too. Lan is the bolder, bouncier one and Negu us quieter and a little more timid but getting more and more confident as time goes on