English Setter, 1 Year Old

Kun is a young male English Setter, still really a pup at just one year old, his date of birth is 30/05/21.

Kun is a gorgeous boy, like his namesake Aguero, I think this boy is going to be a star. He was handed in by a hunter-breeder from the Basque country with three other setters, sadly he is one of the many unwanted hunting dogs that are given up so frequently in Spain.

Kun is a very active young setter, he has lots of energy and loves to run and play with his kennel mates. He enjoys the company of male and female dogs.

Kun is great with people, he is very affectionate and trusting, within the confines of the shelter he is very obedient and comes when you call him, but of course on an exciting walk this would all change.

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