English Setter, 2 Years Old

Katy is a gorgrous small young female English Setter, she is two years old, her date of birth is 10/6/20.

Katy is a very beautiful tricolour setter, she is young and quite small in size. She was handed into the shelter with her mother manila and companion Luna because they were no longer wanted.

Katy is a cheerful dog and she is very active, a dog with a lot of energy, she loves to run and play with other young dogs.

Katy is extremely affectionate, she loves cuddles and strokes and will approach you initially in a very submissive manner. She learns very quickly and is keen to please. She will of course needs lots of training like all our dogs, particularly for recall and lead walking.

Katy arrived at the shelter quite thin and she can be protective of her food, initially she should be fed separately but hopefully over time she will realise that food is no longer in short supply and she will relax around food.