Jagger, 6 year-old English Setter

UPDATE: we have recently found out that Jagger has low level leish. This is being treated in Spain before he travels and he will need ongoing blood tests to make sure it is kept at bay. Unfortunately this has meant that poor Jagger’s adoption has fallen through so he’s looking for his new forever home. He will be ready to travel in September. You can read more about Leish here

This stunning boy is Jagger, we’re not sure if he’s all English Setter or has something else in him too. The poor thing appeared very scared on the streets some time ago and it took a month to catch him. Then he was rehomed to a lovely family with kids. They have just got divorced and don’t want him any more after nearly a year with them and he’s ended up in a shelter after having lived in a loving home poor boy. He’s doing OK in the shelter since he gets on well with other dogs.

He’s a sweetheart, gets on well with everybody – dogs, people, kids and cats. He just needs a home of his own now. He’s relatively calm, walks well on the lead, used to living in a home.