English Setter, 4 Years Old

This lovely girl is Ipin. She was born 18/11/15 so she’s almost 4 now. 

She’s a very affectionate and sweet girl. She gets on really well with other dogs as well as children. She just loves everyone

She’s an active girl although she does have hip dysplasia. At the moment, she does not need treatment as it is only mild. In fact, it does not slow her down at all or cause her any pain. She’s not on any medication for it but she is on joint protectors to help slow down any osteoarthritis that might occur in her later years. She’s been in the shelter for 2 months and never shown any signs of pain in her hips. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a few years ago and has still been hunting with her owner with no problems. She’s found her way to the shelter as her owner is sick and can no longer hunt.