Mixed Breeds, 5 Months Old

These 3 pups were rescued from an awful pound by a lovely man who paid for them to be treated for parvo. Thankfully they survived and he asked us for help finding them amazing homes. They are now with Conchi waiting until they can travel.

They were born on the 20th Feb 2019, making them almost 5 months old. Their adorable quirky pointy ears have earned them the nickname “The 3 Husketeers” amongst the SeBPRA team!

We aren’t sure what breed they are. Conchi thinks they have podenco-like ears but their colouring is different. We don’t think they will be very big but time will tell!

Raquel is the biggest of the three and is the only one to have the brindle colouring to her. 

Joulson is the boy with the adorable white nose and pointy ears, just like his sister Raquel. 

Lucia is the smallest of the bunch and has different (but equally lovely) ears to her siblings. 

All 3 pups are lovely in nature. They’re very affectionate, love to play together and also love food!