Woody, 2 Year Old English Setter

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I’m Woody. I was actually called Hood but I’ve been waiting so long at the shelter that they’ve decided to give me a new name. The people trying to help me find a home say that Hood isn’t really a good dog name in the UK and they didn’t want it putting people off since they say I really deserve a home. They tell me it’s not my fault I’ve been waiting for so long now, but I’ve been here nearly a year and it’s hard not to blame myself.

I was a bit nervous when I arrived but I love to give everybody cuddles and kisses when they come to see me now! I think they actually might miss me when I’m gone but I know they want me to find a home of my own. I hear whispers of something called a ‘family’ and it sounds really lovely.

I live with lots of other dogs and I like them all. We share a run at the moment and so I think I’d quite like another dog at my new home for company when my humans aren’t in and to play with in the garden… is that what you call that grassy area outside a house? I’ve never had one before, I hope I’ve got it right! I love to play and run around so I would love somebody who could take me for long walks somewhere nice!

I’m 3 in April… I’d really love to be in a home before then and spend my first birthday with people who love me… and you know… a present or two wouldn’t hurt either!

Woody & cat