English Setter, 2 Years Old


Helena is a young English Setter. When she was first rescued from a hunter in Spain, she was a very scared girl and frightened of most things. She’s now in a lovely foster home in the UK and gaining confidence each day.

Her foster home say she is an incredibly affectionate and gentle natured girl. She loves other dogs and likes to lie next to them for comfort.

She is still nervous of sudden movements but has grown used to the usual household noises such as the TV and washing machine. She comes up to you to rest her head in your lap and to have a stroke

She sleeps through the night in her bed and housetraining is coming along nicely. Helena really comes alive when she is outside. She loves to run and run and will chase butterflies and pigeons with gusto. She has no recall at the moment but she is food orientated which helps with training.

At the moment Helena walks on the lead without pulling but can suddenly lunge if she sees a bird. She will now sit on command and responds to her name. Her foster home say she is one in a million.

Helena gets on great with other dogs and takes a lot of confidence from the other dogs in her foster home so we are looking for a home where she will have another dog for company

We are looking for active adopters ideally with experience of working breeds willing to take her for decent daily walks and invest time in positive training