Gordon Setter, 8 Months Old

Guss is a very handsome Gordon Setter, just coming up to 8 months old, his date of birth is 14/03/22.

Guss was surrendered by his hunter as sadly he has type B Pulmonary Stenosis, so his heart cannot pump as efficiently as it should, he will tire quickly and would not have been suitable for a working life. Guss is now fostered with Bartolito and two other dogs and is very happy living in a family home. He is on medication to help his heart and his foster homes says he enjoys life like a normal young dog.

His foster says “Guss is very affectionate, he is obedient, and above all, it would be impossible to be nicer. Since the day he arrived, he plays with everybody, he hasn’t growled or barked even once. He is not afraid, and he loves dogs and cats, in fact he adores cats. Guss likes to be at home, and he likes to go for his walks. And as for his health, but you can’t see it much at all, he breathes hard sometimes when he has done too much, but he does not stop to rest. He’s a great dog, and his heart condition does not stop him from enjoying life to the full.”

Guss is a special dog looking for a special home.

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