English Setter, 9 Years Old

Fanta is a 9 year old English Setter

Fanta is originally from France, having been bought as a puppy to be a hunting dog. She has worked all of her life but now has diabetes so her hunter wanted rid of her. Adopta en los abedules have taken her on and she’s currently in foster with Charo. 

She weighs about 14kg at the moment but needs to put on some weight, her diabetes treatment has just started so she is on the right track now. 

Charo says she has an incredible character. She’s really affectionate and great with Charo’s dogs and cats and loves children. 

She’s a sweet girl, travels well by car and walks quite well too at the moment

Once she has put on some more weight, she will be neutered and while she’s having the operation, she will have a small lump removed from her mammory gland, but the vet says it’s nothing seriou