English Setter, 3 Years Old

Echo is a 3 year old english setter, DOB 10.04.16

Things are getting desperate for this lovely lad. His first adopters gave up on him through no fault of his own, and since then he has unfortunately been passed around foster homes while we find him a forever home. 

He’s in foster with a lovely family in Beds at the moment but can’t stay indefinitely and we need to find him a home ASAP. He really needs an experienced, determined adopter who will not give up on this poor little chap. 

Unfortunately, the poor boy has a few issues. He has lived in a home in Spain all his life and didn’t show any issues there or in the shelter so we think his issues are due to being so unsettled and past around so much, and possibly from him being abandoned after years of living with a family as a pet! 

He’s improved a lot in his new foster home but we are still looking for an experienced adopter. We think he would also do well with a calm older dog in the house.

He’s an anxious boy and does bark at most things he’s not sure of, although this has improved in his current foster. He has also shown signs of fear aggression on a couple of occasions and needs somebody who can help him work through these issues now. He can also be unsure of other dogs when he’s on his lead and they come charging up to him, making him feel threatened. Otherwise he is fine with other dogs and likes to play with them. 

He doesn’t have separation anxiety and can be left alone for short periods with no problems. He likes toys and will happily let other dogs take them off him or walk past when he is eating etc. He loves being groomed and having cuddles, he’s very affectionate. He also sleeps for a solid 8 hours at night with no toileting now! 

Please share this post far and wide to help us find Echo a home where he can finally settle and stay. No negative comments please.