German Wire-haired Pointer, 4 Years Old

27.5.19 – Update from his foster home, they’ve seen a few cats on walks and he ignores them completely. His foster Mum took him right up to them and he wasn’t interested at all. He is scared of traffic noises and if a bus goes by he freezes completely. He will have been kept tied up or in a kennel in a rural area unti lnow and traffic is all new to him.

Dougal appeared outside a campsite and people staying there were worried he was going to get run over. The person running the campsite appealed for help and we offered. Dougal is now in a foster home with 3 other dogs (see videos of him playing with them) and he’s doing well. He’s super cuddly, very active, playful with other dogs and gets on fine with males and females. He’s also incredibly handsome. We X-rayed him when he first arrived since he had moments of being in pain which turned out to be due to a bladder infection now treated. But as you can see the poor lad has bits of shot in his head. He had also had his microchip removed as you can see in one of the videos. Thankfully it was stitched properly and so seems to have been done by a vet (not always the case). The poor lad would now like a home to call his own

You can see videos of Dougal here