Dino, 1 Year Old Pointer Cross

**Travelling to UK foster 20/07/10**

Can anybody offer this handsome chap a home to call his own? 

Dino was rescued from central Spain and we think he is a cross between a Galgo (a Spanish greyhound type of dog) and a pointer. This combination produces strikingly good-looking dogs. 

Dino adores people and is super cuddly. He’s a highly intelligent dog who would thrive on a lot of mental and physical stimulation. He’s not coping very well in the shelter since he is so bored. He’d love a family of his own who can give him plenty of exercise and love. Like most working breeds, he thrives on having a job to do and would really benefit from other forms of canine enrichment to mentally stimulate him at home. 

The shelter recently took him to the vets to do a cat test (see videos). Poor Dino was absolutely terrified. The poor boy has had a rough start to life and needs somebody to work with him and teach him that he doesn’t need to be scared of the outside world anymore now he’s safe. It’s really rewarding and magical to work with scared dogs to bring them out of their shells and watch them grow

He prefers the company of humans to dogs so would make an ideal only dog, although we think he’d also do well with a quieter female dog too.