English Setter, 2 Years Old

Dan is a gorgeous young male tricolour English Setter, he is just two years old, date of birth 23/07/19.

Dan is a stunning, small Setter, handed in by the hunter because he is one of the many unwanted excess dogs that he no longer wants. Dan is a sweet and endearing dog, a little shy initially if he doesn’t know you but cheerful and charming when he gains confidence.

Dan loves the company of the other dogs, at present he shares kennel with the pointer Goku with whom he gets on wonderfully. Dan does not like to eat from the bowl, but rather from food on the floor, because that is how he has always been fed.

Dan is very tender and affectionate with people, he is always looking for cuddles and contact, he loves to run in the exercise area and within the confines of the shelter he is obedient, coming to the call, but like any of our dogs that would no doubt change on an exciting walk.

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