Pointer, 3 Years Old

Very very sadly Daisy’s adoption hasn’t worked out. She’s been in her new home for a year and they’re heartbroken but she’s a very active, adenturous dog and they have a massive garden for her to run around in but no time to take her for walks and that’s what she craves. She’s able to climb the fences and the poor fhings have spent a fortune trying to contain her but to no avail. Today she climbed over their fence and shot across a road and nearly got run over. We’re looking for a very active home with an adopter who can take her on long walks on a long line while they work on her recall. Because she’s not used to going on walks she has become a bit reactive with other dogs when on walks which is something she’ll overcome easily with practice. She’s a very good-natured girl. She’s great with kids and lives with a toddler in her home. She lives with a male dog too and they are best buddies. She was rescued along with her 2 pups in Spain last year and was in foster with me before travelling to her new home. She is a complete and utter sweetheart of a dog.