Griffon Korthals 10 Years Old

Comanche is a gorgeous 10 year old male Griffon Korthals / Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, date of birth 02/07/12. The Griffon Korthal looks a little like a GWP but with a longer softer coat, they are wonderful dogs and someone will be very lucky to have Comanche in their life.

Comanche is an older dog who was no longer wanted by his owners because he was old and no longer good for hunting. They sold the house and left the dog behind when they moved out and the new owners didn’t want him.

Comanche is very affectionate and adores the companionship of people, he attaches quite quickly and would love a home with someone around most of the day.

Comanche is obedient and comes to the call at home, although this is probably very different when he is out on an exciting walk.

Comanche gets on well with the other dogs, although initially was a bit unsure and bossy. He is living in a foster home with six other dogs of all ages.

Comanche has hypothyroidism, he is now taking treatment for that and doing really well. When Comanche arrived he had lost hair on many parts of his body, but it is growing back now and he is looking better everyday.

Comanche at a canine adoption event

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