Mixed breed, 1 Year Old

**Chula is in UK foster in Bradford**

UPDATE: Chula is now in foster in Bradford. She’s a lovely girl, really intelligent and eager to please. She has amazing recall and loves to run on the beach and in the woods on her walks with her foster mum. She also loves playing with other dogs when she’s out and about, although she is quite boisterous so little dogs can find her a bit too much! She’s not malicious but doesn’t realise she’s bigger than some dogs! She likes to play with soft toys and has a favourite, Rex the dinosaur!

She is currently living with a cat which is a work in progress but her foster mum’s hard work is paying off and Chula has even let the cat nuzzle into her and given his ears a good wash for him! We think she’d be fine in a home with a confident, dog savvy cat but it would need a very slow and careful introduction again over a few months.

We think Chula would be best in a home with no children. Due to her rough past, she does have issues letting people come into her territory and so she’s looking for a kind, patient but experienced adopter who can carry on the progress she is already making. She has stayed in kennels twice for short periods while she has been in foster and been lovely to everybody there. Once she trusts you, she is very affectionate and makes the perfect best friend!

This lovey girl is Chula, she appeared on a beach in Santander all alone. She ended up being tutored by a kind rescuer and in the same shelter as Brownie with whom she shared a run and they adored each other. We offered to help her find a home and she travelled over a couple of months ago. Very unfortunately a couple of days before the trip the tip of her tail got bitten by another dog and she travelled over in a cone and having had some of her tail amputated and she arrived very distressed (with hindsight we should have cancelled her trip but her adopter was very keen for her to come on that trip). Shortly afterwards her adopter gave her back since she scared her other dog with her cone she said. Chula went into very temporary foster with Maggie and is now in Bradford with Charlotte. She is a gorgeous thing, really affectionate, playful and fun. She is scared of people coming into her territory and needs a kind, patient adopter who can work with her to overcome this. She’s young and learns fast so with the right adopter we don’t envisage this taking long.

DOB 1.6.18