Brittany 7 Years Old

Chary is a really pretty, affectionate small sized female Brittany, she is seven years old, her date of birth is 02/02/2016.

Chary was handed into the shelter with three setters, however shortly after arriving she gave us all the biggest surprise when she gave birth, not even the vet had suspected that she was pregnant. She has three pups (the final one by caesarean) and they are doing very well. The pups are very large and we suspect dad was a setter. The pups are starting to ween, so we are starting to look for a home for Chary, so she can enjoy a new life in a wonderful home as soon as her pups have left.

Chary is a small, pretty Brittany, she is very active of course like all Brittanys. The shelter say she is a charming dog and very cheerful. She has been a wonderful mother and very trusting with the staff at the shelter.

Chary loves the company of other dogs and is very sociable. She loves the company of people too, and she is trusting, affectionate and obedient within the confines of the shelter (on an exciting walk she would no doubt be less obedient as there are so many exciting distractions).

Chary & Alika
Chary & Babies
Chary & babies
Chary & Babies

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