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We all love to spoil our dogs, especially given some of the backgrounds the dogs we rehome have. It’s hard not to remember the underweight dog that arrived with you all the way from Spain.Read More →

A feral dog will spend much of the day hunting and searching for the food and water it needs to survive. In comparison, a domestic dog spends most of the day indoors, gets given all the food it needs and may also be left for small periods of time with not much to do. Under-stimulated dogs can develop a range of behavioural problems. Read More →

Lady walking a dog

Training your four-legged friend takes time and patience – from both dog and owner. However, taking the time to train your dog is a really important part of dog onwership.Read More →

Cat and dog

Many dogs live happily alongside cats (and other furry and feathered animals), whilst others struggle to control their prey instinct. In this article, we will explore how you can help your new rescue dog integrate into a family with cats.Read More →