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My daughter and I rescued Tilu & Ram through SeBPRA just over 3 years ago. Like a lot of gundog breeds they are loyal & intelligent, and I realised that they would thrive on having a ‘job’ to do. Read More →

Doggy day care is a great way to help juggle working life and dog ownership, as well as having many benefits for your dogs too! Adopter Carol Wood shares her experienceRead More →

What better way to cool down in the heat than some frozen treats for your best friends? Here’s 5 easy treats to keep your dog cool this summerRead More →

We all know oral hygiene is an important part of our health, but the same goes for our dogs! Read on for some tips on how to keep those pearly whites looking whiteRead More →

Ticks can become a potential hazard to your dog, particularly during Spring and Autumn. Ticks are little parasites that leech blood from your dog. They burrow into your dogs skin and drink their blood, and can grow to the size of a pea. Read More →

As many of you know, SeBPRA held it’s first fun dog show on Saturday 25th May. The aim of the show was to raise much needed funds for SePBRA and to give dog owners the opportunity to have a good old day out with their dogs!Read More →